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Yes Gade?


Ticket whore #hoarder #commuting

Thomas Burden, Pick Me Up Exhibition, Somerset House, London.

'Guate & Costa' by Linda Linko. Pick Me Up Exhibition, Somerset House, London.

Vicky Fallon, is A UK based illustrator and I adore her work. She creates the most beautiful and elegant sketches. Her use of colour and adding striking bold on top of delicate sketches is so brilliant. 

Please go and look at her website.

Four 30/45 second sketches, continuos line, without looking at the page. Haven’t don’t this in a long time, think you can tell doesn’t look much like a lucozade bottle

Reviving what I love.

To hopefully reignite my love for illustration, I’m going to draw at least one sketch everyday throughout April. Whether the sketch took two minutes or two hours I’ll pop it up here for you all to have a look. Just a quick warning I’m not Vicky Fallon (if you don’t know who she is i urge you to Google it).

Tyler Shield’s, Once again some brilliant work from this incredible photographer. I am aware I have a slight obsession with this man but I genuinely find his ideas and actions just amazing.  

Take the time to look at the rest of this his Submerged series.

One of my favourites right now.

(Source: Spotify)

Tyler Shields, is an incredible photographer and I just adore his spontaneous, obstructive photos. His work is breath taking.

Baby shower, Our Maga family’s first ‘Adult’ life event.